Shortening the Hiring Process

The 2016 Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Study notes that recruiters say that lengthy hiring practices as well as the difficulty in finding suitable talent were two of the key things keeping managers from hiring. Another study says that the best job candidates are taken off of the market within 10 days. Since both HR and recruiting are necessary to getting and keeping new workers, they should both have a role in finding ways to make the recruitment process less cumbersome.

Goals that they can work towards include the following:

  • Streamlining procedures so that HR and recruiting have no unnecessary overlap that complicates the process;
  • Automating the application component by using applications such as RecruiterBox or Resumator; and
  • Recruiting constantly so as to always have a healthy pipeline of skilled workers that can be accessed when employment opportunities open up.

When HR and recruiting are on the same page, they can do what is necessary to make the hiring process more efficient, which will give the company a better opportunity to get top talent.


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