Franchise Module


Career Routers is a leading Recruitment & Training Firm in Chandigarh. It was established in the year 2006 and since inception has been consistently performing towards meeting its entire client's human capital needs. Career Routers has been successful in all the verticals it ventured into - IT, ITES, Retail, Telecom, Banks, Insurance and Pharma, BPO/KPO, hospitality and many more.

 Career Routers is actively involved in providing recruitment services to various Multinational and Indian Big corporate houses. It is helping these companies to compete effectively in the market place by providing people best suited to them, With Ambitions of expansion, Now Career Routers started imparting its knowledge to professionals interested in starting their own recruitment business. A comprehensive franchise framework was modeled on the success of Career Routers sculptured, refined, and continually enhanced to adapt to changes in the markets.


Career Routers, is a company that is successfully running its corporate office from last 10 years and now wants to expand its network by promoting its franchises at new places. So, it invites prestigious organizations including individuals and entrepreneurs who can be the part of our organization and can set a niche in the business world by running Career Routers placements like Domestic/international Call center/Retails/Information Technology/Education/Immigrations Industry & courses like Spoken English, IELTS, BPO training, corporate training.


Career Routers, quality is the corner stone on which we base our searches. We recruit candidates for Middle Level and senior level management positions. We work to provide our clients with the best candidate for the job. We design our search to meet the client’s needs and their benchmark for quality. Our consultants have the personal and professional qualifications, the ability to merge with the corporate culture and the potential for success, which in the long run aid the company in achieving its goals. Every assignment we work on enriches our experience, sharpens our skills, expands our horizons and gives us opportunities to widen our network, bringing us in contact with top ranking executives. Each such assignment urges us to new heights of excellence, making our criteria for success more difficult to fulfill. Our business is based on one simple law- find the best person for the job, for nothing less will do.


As we all know that in India every year there are vacancies for approximately 25 lakh people in the organized sector of Government/Private But due of lack of communication skills and improper flair in English language, 70-80% people lose opportunity. In the present scenario millions of candidates holding MBA, B-Tech, BBA, BCA, MCA, Computers professional, Hardware & Networking & Computer accountant degrees and many other professional Degrees, but because these candidates lack in communication skills, so they are not able to get their desired jobs. The foremost reason that the candidate can't get jobs is that 70% of the population of India resides in villages, so most of the people can't speak English fluently. Another reason is that there is an imperfect education system in India because it does not cover or teach the skills which are the principal requirements of the today's industry. The industry requires skills like soft skills, behavioral skills, Voice & Accent, selling skills, pleasant personality etc. So, in India the giant need of training is the need of an hour.

Finding and retaining the right staff is a challenge which consumes both time and resources for business leaders. So, recruitment has developed rapidly as a leading service industry across the globe. The internet, along with social media, has brought unparalleled levels of choice for a job search- but no real and tangible customer service.

Career Routers has developed a different approach; its teams of experts with first hand support who are dedicated to putting candidates and clients at the center of the recruitment process  by offering the highest possible levels of personal service.


This franchise model is best for those who are already running education business/Recruitment/Corporate/entrepreneurs and they know the marketing tactics to run the centre effectively and profitably. They have already some numbers of students who can be interested for Job or courses


  1. 10 year Experience into Training & Recruitment
  2. India’s Top Companies for Recruitment.
  3. International Training Material.
  4. High traffic Website.
  5. 100% Franchise Support.
  6. Journey of 10 years with 10% continuous annual growth.
  7. Highly self convinced techniques to convert enquiries to maximum number of placements.
  8. Marketing & seminar support to run the center effectively.
  9. On line / off line training of staff.
  10. 100% Placement assistance in Multinational Companies.
  11. Reasonable investment.
  12. 10000 students placed in last 10 year
  13. 50 Campus impanelled 
  14. Return of Investment is excellent.

The widespread and open exchange of information about clients and candidates has always been key to the success of Career Routers. This is why new franchisees joining Career Routers expect full details of its clients.

This means we remain fully involved in the business of recruitment and are in the ultimate position to share information, train and advise our owners on current best practice.

Unlike other recruitment network models, Career Routers clients, candidates and experience only nationally. Owners and internal recruiters describe Career Routers as a big family working together to place candidates into the right positions in India. Owners have the opportunity to work together on assignments and to share international capabilities and delivery of talent